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2022-06-28 Rob Braxman, the Internet Privacy Guy

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

"What I do has a name. It's called being a public interest technologist ... for the average internet user it's easier to remember that I'm the internet privacy guy and that what I do is for you."


Mr. Braxman is the latest person I'm adding to my mind's "royal retinue of experts and advisors." I found him searching for hardware-based internet privacy products and have found that he teaches well, remains relevant, and provides real, actionable, achievable, 201-appropriate advice. For example, after watching his video on home network security I learned how to completely reconfigure my home wifi, enabling continual VPN services without complicating guest user access. At the very least, even he's very interesting and details many of the real risks and trade offs we unknowingly make in the modern age.

This is the clip about advance home network setup.

I take issue at the stance implied w/ the question, "what is he hiding," but I'm not going to go back and re-watch the Joe Rogan episode right now. In short, though, freedom, privacy, and autonomy demand first that a person is able to decide for himself which threats to protect or insure himself against. One person's decision differing from another's should prompt a question investigating the former's assessment of external risk, not his internal motives.

Periscope. What is that? I need to look it up and see.

Other Highlights/ Summary/ tl;dr

01:00 - 05:50, Rob's background and why he's "the internet privacy guy today." 03:00 What qualifies me to talk about this tech stuff?

05:50, Brax Me app and doxing

07:10, "I had the same thought process w/ government surveillance. I just understood the tech capabilities and then I extrapolated what they could do with that ... I was very concerned about privacy and mass surveillance even before the Snowden revelation ... Snowden just confirmed what I already guessed."

08:50, "Few people understand the changes in technology that remove any anonymity ... it wouldn't surprise me if looters have phones in their pockets where wifi scanning was hard at work ... there could be innocents out there. Simply being in the area could mark them ... this data can be collected without context."

09:50, "What's different with me and what I talk about is that there's quite a bit of difference between internet security and privacy."

11:17, What I do has a name it's called being a public interest technologist ... for the average YouTube watcher it's easier to just remember that I'm the internet privacy guy and that what I do is for you.

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