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2023-10-17 YouTube Advisory Council Guest Speaker: British HODL

I’ve been listening to this guy for the past couple of weeks. He calls himself British HODL and I think he’s a new crypto YouTuber, probably less than two or three months.

He’s grown on me for the same reasons as the other characters I’ve introduced to my life’s YouTube Advisory Council, but in this post I’ll unpack probably the most basic one.

At the most basic level, his way of thought and strategizing are compatible w/ mine, not “as far as I can tell,” but “compatible enough that I think I can identify if he were abandoning that way of thought.”

What that means is while you may seek consultant for his expert knowledge, you don’t hire, you don’t trust based on expert knowledge. You hire and trust for judgment: “Given x motivation, y resources, and z goals, what are the thought processes behind how you would use to get us from here to there?”

How to do you do this? Well, it requires some and judgment on your part and knowing where to apply it:

W/ a consultant discussing his remit in his expert capacity, there must be areas of overlap b/w what to him are the subject-specific basics and to you are the top quartile range of your competent decision making. Does this person's thinking make a practical and rigorous sense that you can understand in this shared context?

If so, that is the beginning of trust, the first indication that you can trust this person not only for correctness in knowledge, but appropriateness of suggested strategies and outcomes. Further, that shared underlying processing language anchors and outlines things those times he's in the weeds and you're just following along.

Anyway, I’ll probably say more about that in another post I’ll link to. As for the content of this clip in particular, I think British HODL’s analysis is spot on and highlights the most pressing constraints we crypto investors are facing if we want to secure meaningful participation in this opportunity.

My main concern is not tone or sense of political propriety; my main concern that nobody who I consider One of Mine should ever look back and ask "Why didn't you try to tell me?"

I think that today’s pump is a very meaningful indicator of the magnitude of economic energy that will be directed toward cryptocurrency as civilization and our institutions chip away at today's uncertainty, lack of familiarity, and skepticism. We're on the right track and it won't be much longer...

Jones, 2023-10-17

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