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2022-10-30. I Wish a MF Would

A particular aspect of the Game of Thrones series I will always remember are the, "I wish an MF would" moments. They tickle me so much b/c they go far beyond just "fucked around and found out." These dudes truly make it so that the offended party literally could not not take their heads.

The silent pause at the precipice really does it for me. It's absolutely clear what must not be said; it's absolutely clear what will happen if it is said; it's clear that these dudes' messages are communicated, and that these mf's don't even really have to say it (again); but they can't not say it! And they say it sooo mother fucking hard. You can't not take their heads.

Like this mother fucker right here:

The Tarly's aren't even trying to stay alive. At least they had the awareness to not be surprised by their fate. I hollered at Tyrion at 1:38.

And the latest victim:

Kill Bill gets an honorable mention here, though the pause at the precipice isn't quite the same:

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