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Journal, 2021-04-22

I'm not going to bother trying to cover the seams here. If I want to write, better to just get writing instead of agonizing over purpose, structure, labels, themes and all that. I guess it will all present itself eventually.

This is kind of a journal entry. I guess an unpolished account of anything meaningful I did in a day that maybe can turn into a longer post.

I've been feeling stressed and pulled very thin the last couple weeks (maybe months) so the ladyfriend gave me the day to decompress. I've missed taking time to learn something spiritual so I listened to a sermon from Hillsong Church called Responding to the Rattle.

It was good to sit for even 40 minutes and focus on, listen to something nourishing. To ignore my phone. I very much appreciated the idea of "remaining here." The idea of committing to remaining Within Here, experiencing it. To resist the urge to run or escape, b/c often times there isn't anything intrinsic to Here that is excluding one's happiness, gratitude, peace. There are important problems that are not fixed so easily as exchanging Here for There -- "You are running away in your own company," You are still You. Sometimes you need to commit to experiencing, waiting, working, and learning to create space for the opportunities of peace and happiness to arise.

I'm not a Christian, so instead of doing so w/ the intention of letting God take the reins, I'd add "so we can position and depoly ourselves to take advantage." But the value of the message is the same. Seneca's Letter 28, which is very dear to me, carries this message as well.

Afterward I looked at a productivity clip on Deep Work by The Art of Improvement. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy this type of content. It was all great stuff I'd read before and loved hearing again, but I think this and the previous clip was helpful today in reminding me of what I find meaningful and nourishing and how I most gladly spend my time.

- Jones

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